Fedex Quality Agreement

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Since the signing of the 2015 collective agreement, approximately 33 percent of FedEx pilots are new to the property. The MEC understood the value of learning about the union`s current successes and challenges and introduced a new FedEx Interactive pilot story in 2019. As a continuation of the Quality of Life initiative implemented in 2018, the MEC has launched a new online tool to foster interaction between pilots and their union. The pilot data report was launched in early 2019 as a web system accessible from a desktop, smartphone or tablet that can send a report to the committee or the corresponding resource within the union to act. This tool allows the MEC to track problem areas and trends, so these issues can be resolved with management, while driver support documentation is available. In 1994, Federal Express was renamed FedEx for marketing purposes and officially adopted a nickname that has been in use for years. Again this year, FedEx was the first transportation site to offer online parcel tracking that allows customers to do business on the Internet. In 1995, the company acquired air routes from Evergreen International to launch flights to China and opened an Asia-Pacific hub at Subic Bay International Airport in the Philippines. In 1997, FedEx opened its turnstile at Fort Worth Alliance Airport and, in 1999, a European platform at Charles de Gaulle Airport in France. [20] While MEC leaders close the chapter on this decade, they welcome the opportunities expected in 2020. “We will continue our work to do what is in the best interests of our pilots,” Harmon said.

“If we get closer to one more year of the 2021 contract and consider complex issues, the safety, well-being, job security and quality of life of our pilots will always be the primary role of our pilots.” In the 1970s, with tremendous growth, FedEx needed a quality control method. They developed the tracking number for internal use to determine that the packages were moved correctly. [24] This information was eventually applied to all packages and made available to the public to find the status of your own package. In 1986, the company introduced the “SuperTracker,” a hand-coded barcode scanner that introduced parcel tracking for the first time in the shipping industry. [22] Federal Express continued its rapid expansion in the late 1980s and opened its turnstiles in 1986 at Newark Liberty International Airport and in 1988 at Indianapolis International Airport and Oakland International Airport. [22] In 1989, Flying Tiger Line purchased its international service and opened a turnstile at Ted Stevens Anchorage International Airport to accommodate this new extended service. [22] As the volume of international shipments has increased, Federal Express has created a clear Electronic Customs Clearance system to expedite regulatory assistance while cargo is en route. [19] In December 2006, FedEx Express acquired the British courier company ANC Holdings Limited for $120 million. [26] The acquisition added 35 sorting facilities into the FedEx network, and the company introduced the Newark, Memphis and Indianapolis routes directly to BRITISH airports, instead of stopping at FedEx`s European platform at Charles de Gaulle Airport.

[27] In September 2007, the ANC was renamed FedEx UK. FedEx Express also acquired Flying-Cargo Hungary Kft to expand its service in Eastern Europe. [19] FedEx stopped its last Boeing 727 in 2013 and replaced it with a Boeing 757; The airline says the 757 are 47% more fuel efficient. FedEx will eventually switch from MD-11 to Boeing 777 for its long international distances, freeing up the MD-11 fleet for shorter routes currently flown by the DC-10. [68] Note: “SF” means “special freelance” for passenger aircraft, while “ERF” represents Extended Range Freighter. FedEx claimed that the hybrid truck in the 2003 test reduced by 96% and reduced emissions by 65%.